Full-Service Metal Fabrication

Laser Cutting

The core of our extensive list of capabilities is industrial laser cutting. We have one of the largest industrial laser cutting capacities in North America with more than 17 lasers. By staying on the forefront of technology, Prototech Laser offers beneficial solutions for low or high volume manufacturing processes with little or no tooling. Prototech Laser meets the special requirements of defense, automotive and industrial market sectors.

Our 5-axis laser-cutting department can program to masters or CAD, and all fixtures are rapidly designed and fabricated in-house. We regularly cut steel, aluminum, plastic, and stainless parts. With 20 years of experience Prototech Laser is your source for complex shape cutting.

Our 3-axis machines can laser cut a wide variety of metals up to 1.00" thick. With 6 kilowatts of power available we can efficiently process steel, aluminum, and stainless. Prototech Laser stocks a wide variety of material to expedite orders. Metal thickness capabilities:

  • 1.00” Armor
  • 1.00” Mild Steel
  • 1.00” Stainless Steel
  • .600” Aluminum

Full-Service Machine Shop

Prototech Laser consistently delivers top-quality CNC machined prototypes rapidly and on-time with our dedicated prototype CNC division. Our state-of-the-art equipment with machine travels up to 60” and skilled prototype programmers and machinists quickly turn around the most difficult CNC milled and CNC turned parts. We provide quick turnaround prototype parts and do it in virtually any material. Prototech Laser equally delivers top-quality production CNC machined parts. We work aggressively to minimize cycle time and lower prices. Prototech Laser will machine your parts faster while maintaining the highest quality with our ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management Systems

Sheet Metal Bending and Forming

Forming is a critical service to laser cutting. By providing top notch forming services we greatly increase efficiency and decrease cost in your supply chain.

Weld Assembly

Staffed by experienced certified welders, Prototech Laser offers laser, TIG and MIG welding combined with manual and robotic welding delivery systems. Thereby, we respond to your need of either low or high volume demand. We have extensive experience in all types of assemblies from very small to large, and have all the in-house capabilities to create tooling and fixtures to ensure your specifications are met.

Prototech Laser is a pioneer of CO2 laser welding technologies. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop custom laser welding solutions, answering any challenge. Laser welding is incredibly advanced, requiring the high level of skill and experience that Prototech Laser has consistently delivered over the years. Industries served with laser welding technology include military, automotive, medical, and aerospace. There is no limit to the number of applications that are suited to laser welding.